Sentient, vegetable or mineral…?

Introduction of the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill

The Government has recently announced that it plans to officially designate vertebrate animals as sentient in UK law (what else would they be?)

Badgers certainly seem to be capable of feeling pain and terror when they are dying in agony for up to 5 minutes in the dark horror of the cull.

Animals to be formally recognised as sentient beings in domestic law – GOV.UK (

Old MacDonald had a farm – till he got a cash payout to retire


Old farmers put out to grass

Today there’s news of yet another cash incentive for farmers – after all, we know that they only respond to a carrot dangled before them, rather than a pitchfork up the rear.

This time, there are Government proposals to encourage old farmers to retire so that those more likely to embrace greener farming can come into the industry. Payments will range from an average of 21K up to 100K i.e. a trailer load of carrots.

We’d certainly like to see the back of the hunting, shooting and culling regressives. Hopefully being replaced by a more enlightened generation who have the wit to read the science regarding bTB and don’t just swallow the lies of DEFRA and the NFU.

Perhaps they might even farm in a way that allows the countryside to be a home to wildlife – rather than the intensively managed, pesticide-drenched, bleak killing fields we have now. But it’s likely that any such radical change in attitude will come way too late for the badgers – victims of DEFRA’s own failure to embrace such forward thinking as vaccination, rigorous bio-security measures and a genuine valuing of biodiversity – and that includes Meles meles.

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