A commonality: Cruelty towards animals-violence towards people

Our thoughts are with the man who was severely injured last night as he checked on a badger sett near Bolton.

The member of Manchester Hunt Saboteurs stumbled upon a gang of 5 thugs who were digging out a badger sett. They beat him up and left him for dead.

His extraordinary bravery saved the badgers, as the perpetrators fled after the attack. What a contrast to the cowards who can only pick on defenceless animals or those whom they greatly outnumber.

Badger baiting has been illegal since 1835 and yet nearly 200 years later, this most barbaric of crimes still goes on across the country. In 2019 (the last year for which data is available),121 cases of baiting were recorded*. The true figure will be much higher – this is an underground activity in more ways than one.

Read the full story on the HSA website.

Hunt Saboteur Left For Dead By Badger Baiters – Hunt Saboteurs Association (huntsabs.org.uk)

*Link Annual Wildlife Crime Report 2019

Cheltenham based charity Naturewatch, campaigns against badger baiting.

Badger Baiting in the UK – Naturewatch

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