You wait all year for one DEFRA Consultation…

Today is the last day to take part in DEFRA’s ‘Call For Views’ survey – following hot on the hooves of the bTB Consultation that closed last month.

The cynical amongst us might think that there’s suddenly a lot of asking being done but not much listening. When did these cullers ever pay heed to public opinion (or the science)? They have just pushed on regardlessly – and certainly, remorselessly – with the slaughter of tens of thousands of badgers.

It might have been a good idea to stop and consider other options before embarking on the most extreme and wrong-headed of actions back in 2013. Are these consultations an indication that DEFRA wishes to offload sole ownership of this catastrophic plan – as its utter futility and scale of destruction becomes apparent to all?

The Badger Trust have provided useful guidance notes. What comes across most starkly is that farming biosecurity is in the Dark Ages, with even the most obvious of measures lacking or being left to voluntary compliance. No surprise then that the ‘solution’ they came up with is equally primitive – blast away with a gun – at the wrong target.

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