Act now to save nature

Woodland is a key habitat for badgers – offering a place of safety and shelter to build their homes. But a recent Woodland Trust report revealed that only 7% of Britain’s native woods and trees are in a good condition and that a third of woodland wildlife species are in decline. Woods are ‘facing a barrage of threats, including destruction by development, imported pests and diseases, the impacts of the climate crisis and pollution’.  (Guardian 14.4.2021)

Urgent action is needed to recover what has been lost.

The key legislative framework for this recovery should be the Environment Bill – due to pass into law in the Autumn. However, in its present form, this is lacking legally binding targets. Sign the petition to call for a strengthening of the Environment Bill that will truly safeguard and improve nature in this country for the next 25 years.

Environment Bill: Demand Nature’s Recovery – Woodland Trust

26.5.2021. UPDATE.

The Government brought forward the bill but voted out the amendments to strengthen it. In its current form the environment bill is riddled with exemptions and loopholes. It provides little protection for wildlife or their habitats. The next 25 years are looking bad for badgers.

Ministers accused of hypocrisy over ‘toothless’ environment bill | Environment | The Guardian

Environment Bill – Parliamentary Bills – UK Parliament

The woods are lovely, dark and deep ..

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost, 1922.

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