Badger Trust Gloucestershire

1st June: And so it begins

The Supplementary Culls will continue for 8 months. Instead of badgers playing and feeding on warm summer nights, they will be taking up to 5 minutes to die in agony in fields across the country. Many of this year’s – still tiny cubs – will never see a summer.

140,991 and rising

38,642 badgers were killed in the 2020 cull. (Or ‘removed’ as NE euphemistically term it. The crime that dare not speak its name).

Details of NE licences for Supplementary Culls in 2021

Area number and countyMinimum numberMaximum numberAuthorisation dateYear of operations
Area 1 – Gloucestershire12554014 May 2021Year 5
Area 2 – Somerset10957814 May 2021Year 5
Area 3 – Dorset16338314 May 2021Year 3
Area 4 – Cornwall13138014 May 2021Year 2
Area 5 – Cornwall15246114 May 2021Year 2
Area 6 – Devon294117314 May 2021Year 2
Area 7 – Devon14545514 May 2021Year 2
Area 8 – Dorset475168514 May 2021Year 2
Area 9 – Gloucestershire219111814 May 2021Year 2
Area 10 – Herefordshire9035914 May 2021Year 2
Area 11 – Cheshire12240814 May 2021Year 1
Area 12 – Devon194115514 May 2021Year 1
Area 13 – Devon18071114 May 2021Year 1
Area 14 – Devon8542514 May 2021Year 1
Area 15 – Devon15739314 May 2021Year 1
Area 17 – Somerset8672314 May 2021Year 1
Area 18 – Somerset5030214 May 2021Year 1
Area 19 – Wiltshire292127414 May 2021Year 1
Area 20 – Wiltshire15459514 May 2021Year 1
Area 21 – Wiltshire12276314 May 2021Year 1

‘The scientific case is as clear as it can be: this cull is not the answer to TB in cattle. The government is cherry-picking bits of data to support its case.’ (Lord John Krebs). He also called culling ‘mindless’.

‘All the evidence shows that culling badgers increases the proportion of badgers that have TB’ (Rosie Woodroffe).

‘I just don’t know anyone who is really informed who thinks this is a good idea’ (Professor John Bourne).

At the start of the year, Dr. Iain McGill gave the Oxfordshire Mammal Group a highly informative overview of this ongoing, inhumane and senseless tragedy. Unscientific, expensive and immoral – we’d call it cruel, corrupt and criminal.