Badger Trust Gloucestershire

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Our badgers are being annihilated.


And so it begins….and at this level of killing, it’s likely to mean the end for badgers in large swathes of the country.
Area 29 – Gloucestershire YEAR 4 Min. 0 Max. 502
Area 46 – Gloucestershire YEAR 2 Min. 556 Max. 860
7 September 2021. Intensive cull licences published – which (when combined with the Suppplementary licences) will permit the killing of a total of 75,930 badgers in 2021. The vast majority will die an agonising death by free shooting (which the Orwellian NE prefer to term ‘removed’ and ‘controlled’ – clearly the crime that dare not speak its name).
Wonder how Tony Juniper feels signing off on this? Good day at the office? Obviously it does not bother him overmuch as he’s been the one weilding the executioner’s biro for a few years now. Is it a bonus for every area target hit, Tone? And to think he used to be a Green Party member and work for WWF and Friends of the Earth. Devil..soul…sold..

Already ongoing in Gloucestershire (since 1st June) are two Supplementary areas:

Area 1 – Gloucestershire YEAR 5 MIN 125 MAX 540
Area 9 – Gloucestershire YEAR 2 MIN. 219 MAX. 1118
In addition, South Gloucestershire is included in some Wiltshire zones.

Dictionary definition of CULL: To pick or take someone or something (from a larger group). To gather, collect. To select animals from a group and then kill them in order to reduce the numbers of the group in a controlled manner.

DEFRA definition of CULL: Mass slaughter of a protected species of unconfirmed population size by an inhumane method, with no scientific justification, in order to appease the irrational hatred of a small group of wealthy farmers and shooting estate owners.

The cull is currently being challenged under international wildlife law – giving England a pretty shabby reputation on the world stage when it comes to biodiversity and conservation. The Government are accused of breaking the Bern Convention – which aims to protect species from deliberate acts that threaten extinction. This case is currently on ‘standby’ awaiting further submissions – the first time a case against the UK Govt has got this far.

Failing to consider the impact of removing badgers from our landscape, in numbers that can lead to local extinction, will have a devastating effect on them and on our ecosystem as a whole”.

Dawn Varley, Acting CEO of Badger Trust

“Today Natural England has unleashed fresh horrors on badgers with the publication of seven more badger cull licences. Licences to kill badgers now cover almost 25% of England’s entire land area. The death toll under all active 2021 licences could hit over 75,000 badgers.

That would push us well beyond 200,000 badgers killed since the cull started in 2013, swiftly heading towards half of the estimated population of 485,000. This Government sanctioned senseless slaughter of badgers has to end.”

Adam Laidlaw, Executive Director of Badger Trust

What the experts say:

‘The scientific case is as clear as it can be: this cull is not the answer to TB in cattle. The government is cherry-picking bits of data to support its case.’ (Lord John Krebs). He also called culling ‘mindless’.

‘All the evidence shows that culling badgers increases the proportion of badgers that have TB’ (Rosie Woodroffe).

‘I just don’t know anyone who is really informed who thinks this is a good idea’ (Professor John Bourne).

143,241 and rising – every night and every morning.

40,892 badgers were killed in the 2020 culls.

The vast majority were killed by the appallingly cruel method of free shooting.


Table 1 Total number of badgers removed per licensed area

AreaMinimum NumberMaximum NumberBadgers RemovedRemoved by controlled shootingRemoved by cage trapping
Area 1 – Gloucestershire

Area 9 –







AreaUpdated minimum numberUpdated maximum numberBadgers removedRemoved by controlled shootingRemoved by cage-trapping
Area 29 – Gloucestershire*590800731564167
Area 46 – Gloucestershire*42157244842523
Minimum and maximum numbers for areas* include an additional increase of 1.5% per operational day given continuation in those areas beyond 42 days, see Annex A1.

Details of NE licences for Supplementary Culls in 2021

Area number and countyMinimum numberMaximum numberAuthorisation dateYear of operations
Area 1 – Gloucestershire12554014 May 2021Year 5
Area 2 – Somerset10957814 May 2021Year 5
Area 3 – Dorset16338314 May 2021Year 3
Area 4 – Cornwall13138014 May 2021Year 2
Area 5 – Cornwall15246114 May 2021Year 2
Area 6 – Devon294117314 May 2021Year 2
Area 7 – Devon14545514 May 2021Year 2
Area 8 – Dorset475168514 May 2021Year 2
Area 9 – Gloucestershire219111814 May 2021Year 2
Area 10 – Herefordshire9035914 May 2021Year 2
Area 11 – Cheshire12240814 May 2021Year 1
Area 12 – Devon194115514 May 2021Year 1
Area 13 – Devon18071114 May 2021Year 1
Area 14 – Devon8542514 May 2021Year 1
Area 15 – Devon15739314 May 2021Year 1
Area 17 – Somerset8672314 May 2021Year 1
Area 18 – Somerset5030214 May 2021Year 1
Area 19 – Wiltshire292127414 May 2021Year 1
Area 20 – Wiltshire15459514 May 2021Year 1
Area 21 – Wiltshire12276314 May 2021Year 1

At the start of the year, Dr. Iain McGill gave the Oxfordshire Mammal Group a highly informative overview of this ongoing, inhumane and senseless tragedy. Unscientific, expensive and immoral – we’d call it cruel, corrupt and criminal.